DIY: Toopy and Binoo birthday cake

Bug absolutely loves Toopy and Binoo. He hears the theme song “Toopy, Toopy, Binoo, Binoo…” he stops whatever he is doing and goes into a trance while the song plays.

So off I went on a grand search for Toopy and Binoo cake designs. Sounds simple right, well it wasn’t. I had a heck of a time finding cool Toopy and Binoo cake designs.

Now this momma needed to get creative. I went online found a picture that I wanted for the cake and then contacted my friend Jenna from Shortie Cakes for the rest. I didn’t want her to make the cake for me but to teach me how to create the image on the cake.

So first I have to admit I didn’t make the cake from scratch. The intention was there but with the time constraints, Betty Crocker pulled through for me this time.

Step 1:  2 Golden cakes for the double layer look

Since his birthday is in the middle of August I figured lemon filling would give the cake and buttercream icing a light and summery taste. This we made from scratch.

Lemon’s washed with soapy water, rinsed and dried before zesting.  Two lemons later we achieved the zesty lemon taste we wanted for the icing.

Step 3:Chopping the lemon zest to smaller pieces

Step 2: Zesting away

Step 4: Icing the middle of the cake.

Step 5: First layer complete.

Next onto creating the buttercream icing (you can use your own recipe). Lots of mixing and taste testing to get the perfect lemony taste. Note: A good hand blender is necessary to mix all ingredients well.

Step 6: Fill in the gaps of the double layer cake with icing

Add the second cake layer carefully by placing the flatter right side-up.

Step 7: Piping the image onto wax paper

Get the image you want on the cake (remember it needs to be reversed so it shows up properly on the cake when transferred) and use piping gel to outline the image onto wax paper. Very sticky stuff so I suggest starting from the top to bottom. Outline every single line you wish to have on the cake.

Step 8: Smooth the piping gel onto the cake

Gently and oh so carefully place the wax paper (piping gel side down) onto the cake.


Cake under construction.
Mix the buttercream icing with whichever Wilton icing color you need to get the desired hue.

Step 9: Mix the icing and color

Step 10: Mixing and piping to bring Toopy and Binoo to life

In case you were wondering. The star tip was used to create Toopy and Binoo. Many many of them.

This momma hard at work. Notice my Mavea Water Filter pitcher close by, love it. Standing and piping while keeping a steady hand for 4 hours can make you thirsty.

VOILA!!! The final product.
Not bad for a first timer.

Jesseny_signature_XO copy


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  1. Meredith says:

    I am VERY impressed! I don’t think I would ever be able to pull something like this off–it looks great! Go you, Momma!

  2. Wow, that looks amazing, well done! I’m sure he would have loved it! Happy birthday to ‘Bug’ I hope he had a fantastic day!
    (I’m sure he would have with an awesome cake like that :-) )

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