Natural Solution to an Earache

Our little guy suffered a great deal when he was an infant with three ear infections before the age of 18 months. Each time we would take him to the doctor and would get prescribed a harsh antibiotic that cleared up the infection BUT left him with a horrible digestive system for a couple of days. After the third ear infection I decided to do some extensive research on what we could do to prevent this from occurring again.

I was still breastfeeding 95% of the time except for once a day he would get a bottle of cow milk. I would prop him up in a 30 degree angle in order to prevent chocking. Little did I know this was one method to prevent an ear infection. You see, an ear infection is caused by viruses or germs. The Eustachian tube connects the middle ear to the back of the throat. Now if the child is laying flat or not propped up enough the milk gets stuck (for lack of a better word) inside the still forming and weaker than an adult’s Eustachian tube.

Now I did mention cow milk. After learning that the protein in cow’s milk may be the culprit because of his age, the inability to breakdown the protein and the immaturity of his Eustachian tube, I immediately switched over to almond milk.  This worded like a charm for over a year. No ear infection until recently (still drinking almond milk, eating a clean nutritious diet, plenty of water and rest) he began sticking his finger in his ear and rubbing it. This was his sign something was brewing in his ear.

Before it progressed any further I was advised by a friend to try Melaleuca (tea tree oil).   I placed one drop of Melaleuca on a small cotton ball, placed it on the inside of his ear (never put oils directly inside the ear canal), taped it in place with some surgical tape. The vapor from the oil will penetrate and reach the infection.

Earache relief


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