Eating Clean on a Budget with Tosca Reno

Hello 2016!!! Another year to learn, grow and live to the fullest. Onward and Beyond is the motto.

One way I intend to begin this year is by sharpening my grocery shopping savviness by making the most of our dollars.  I had the opportunity to sit and chat with Tosca Reno, Nutritionist and New York bestselling author behind the Eat Clean Series and Your Best Body Now.  The cost of food is increasing but Does eating clean have to be expensive? this is the question we tackle in our discussion. I really wanted Tosca to share her tips on how one can feed themselves and family on a budget with whole healthy foods.

During our discussion Tosca explains how a standard box of cereal that may yield 20 servings versus a healthy bag of oatmeal (not the sugary or instant kind) may yield 50 servings, saving $ now.  “You can’t overeat nutrient dense food” Tosca Reno

Watch Tosca shares her tips on eating clean the wallet friendly way.

Here are a few gems you’ll get from our conversation.

Eating Clean on a Budget Tip

For vegans, there’s something for you too. Tosca touches on how vegans can get protein into their clean eating regime, on a budget.  Here’s a recipe she shares; a recipe that’s nutrient dense; cost effective and delicious. Hemp, Sweet Potato, Crispy Quinoa Cakes

“Make yourself a priority” today! For this momma that means taking the time to schedule in a few classes at GoodLife Fitness. with possibly a little sauna time…ahhh the bliss.  A little difficult to think of doing this when you’re a new mother but remember “SELF CARE IS THE NEW HEALTHCARE”~Tosca Reno

Until we chat again momma’s.

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