Feel the excitement Medieval Times offers

“To honour.
To glory.
To chivery.
To victory.
And to the knights of the rehlm.

As guests of of his majesty, we sat at the edge of our seats the moment Medieval Times began.  When we arrived we were given a crown to wear with our seating information. The seating information is very important as it will dictate which knight you will be cheering for during the show. We were Team Red Knight.

The lights dim and the show gets underway starting with an introduction of the knights of the realm by his majesty. His majesty set out the ground rules of the upcoming tournament in the name of honour and chivalry.

Medieval Times_Toronto

Between tournaments and storyline of the show there were some incredible demonstrations of beauty and grace, especially the show with the majestic Andalusian (purebred Spanish horse). Another show within the show was watching the falcon fly above us and throughout the stadium as he zero’d in on his pray. My son was super excited to the falcon fly above us over and over again. Very thrilling.

Medieval Times_TorontoThe food, ohhh the food.  Digging into the delicous 4-course feast with our hands as there was no cutlery during this time period was just as exciting as the show.

Medieval Times_TorontoAfter each tournament, the princess awarded each successful knight flowers to distribute among his adoring fans. My son was wildly cheering for his knight and his cheers were finally heard, Team Red Knight got a flower.

Medieval Times_Toronto

There is an exhilarating battle complete with swords, spears and old Medieval type weaponry. Our brave red knight of Castilla won!!!

Medieval Times is a show my son is still talking about. His big brown eyes stare up at me as he recounts the moments his knight wins the final battle.

Overall, the show is a must see if you’re in one of the hosting towns.  Check out locations HERE.

Below is a little 30 secondish 😉 video from our super experience.

Medieval Times_Toronto from Jesseny Rojas on Vimeo.


WAIT! What are you doing for March Break 2016? I’m happy to announce that I have 2 tickets to giveaway during March Break 2016.  All you need to do is comment below on what part of the show you would be most excited to experience. Winner will be selected using random.org. Contest ends Thursday, March 10, 2016  12amEST


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  1. Marlene Robertson says:

    Awesome site, great ideas for whole family.

  2. Shawna R says:

    We have been talking about going to Medieval Times for a few years! We think the whole show sounds exciting!!! We would love to win two tickets!! Thanks!!! XOXO

  3. Shawnna Reed says:

    I think the whole expirence would be thrilling to be honest, and the food haha it looks great!

  4. Kelly Boyer says:

    Eating with my hands!

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