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As much as I hate to admit my weaknesses, my body reminds me every once in a while on its limitations. My knees are my weakness. Since I was a teenager my knees have suffered from arthritic pains. After a couple of injuries on both knees (of course my knees were the point of injury) and general wear and tear, there are moments the discomfort forces me to back off from my regular activity.

Being a mom of one busy body, non stop talking, 4 year old boy, there are days I want to sit with my legs up and just relax my knees…but unfortunately that is not my reality.

When SocialNature, a company contacted my to be a product tester for Lakota Natural Arthritis Pain Reliever, I thought “why not.”. The main ingredient is Capsicum annuum (pepper or hot pepper) which contains the chemical called capsaicin. It is the capsaicin that is used for its long list of healing properties. When applied to the skin it is known to help ease joint discomfort.

Just be aware that the burning you get from ingesting hot peppers can transfer into a similar feeling you get when rubbing Lakota onto your skin.

To try Lakota Natural Arthritis Pain Reliever roll on for FREE, sign up HERE to get priority for any Social Nature products.

Magnesium is something I’m conscious of getting into my body mainly from  dark leafy greens, beans, avocados and bananas. Magnesium has many helpful benefits for things such as bone and nerve health as well as helping my moods and sleep especially when my needs are bothering me.

Another item SocialNature sent me was packages of Orange Naturals, MagPop! Yum. Magnesium in a package. Simply empty into a glass of water and watch it fizz. 100mg of Magnesium and 325mg Vitamin C per pack.

To try Orange Naturals, MagPop!  for FREE, sign up HERE to get priority for any Social Nature products.

I’m not asking any money from this post, I wanted to share with you all my readers on the great community to #trynatural for FREE with SocialNature.  Sign up and get lots of Free products. NOTE: Free products are limited in quantity, but anyone who doesn’t get a free product will get a coupon to try the product at a discount.

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